We are a small team of #EduDataNerds with a passion for helping our colleagues and professional learning networks see how data can transform learning in beautiful ways.

Jordan Benedict

Learning & Data Coach

Jordan is skilled at turning Data into Action. He shares conversation protocols, leads data dives, and works with leaders, educators, and coaches to add assessment, measurement, and action into their improvement practices. Using his knowledge of Applied Statistics, Jordan is able to rigorously test and apply ed data, while his experience as a coach makes it approachable, interactive, and empowering. Jordan has over a decade of experience as a teacher and learning coach, has contributed to publications, books, and research journals, and continues to work with educators around the world.

Twitter: @JordanGBenedict
Email: jordan@visualizeyourlearning.com

Chris Smith

Data & Innovation Specialist

Chris is a data storyteller. He can take complicated information and communicate it in ways that allows for change. His experience in the classroom, coupled with his skill as a data visualizer, allows him to create unique solutions and applications to empower educational teams to interact with ed data in new ways. Chris has a passion for making the lives of teachers easier by creating automated systems for mundane tasks. Chris helps build online dynamic dashboards that help teachers understand their students through both internal and external assessments.

Twitter: @SmithRChris
Email: chris@smithvisualizations.com