The #ObserveMe movement, made famous by Robert Kaplinsky, has been an underground way for teachers to receive peer feedback.  Modern teachers know that a series of observations, centered around professional learning questions, can be incredibly rewarding to professional growth.

My take on #ObserveMe is to ensure that your questions are data-driven and not just open-ended.  This takes some of the bias out and frames the feedback the teacher receives, making the whole process safer for the individuals – but also contributes to a data-driven culture.  Using microsoft or google forms also allows for the creation of graphs for analysis.

Here’s how you can create this project for yourself:

Step 1: Determine a professional learning question

Step 2: Determine what data could be collected

Step 3: Create a google/microsoft form to collect the data [example link]

Step 4: Create a QR Code that points to the survey link [I use]

Step 5: Create an #ObserveMe poster inviting in guests with the QR Code you created [example link]

Step 6: Use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to make some pretty graphs of your results! [example link]

You can click on the pictures below for the final creations: