What are the main beliefs of @visualizeyourlearning?

I’m glad you asked!

  • Data is an integral component to improving student learning and continuous school improvement
  • Data visualizations should be utilized, as part of data-dive protocols, for exploration and story-telling

What should I be doing?

The most common question I get is, “what should I be doing with data?”  Here’s a brief list of some essential projects:

  • Data Leadership meetings
  • Gradebook calibration exercises,
  • Benchmark assessment data review
  • Survey analysis
  • Internal vs External assessment validity testing
  • Assessment calibration

 Can we invite you to work with our school?

I am currently a full-time teacher.  Please contact me to see if this would be a mutually beneficial relationship that works within our schedules.


Disclaimer: The data and graphics used on this site are simulated re-creations intended to protect the privacy of the original data sources.