What are the main beliefs of @visualizeyourlearning?

I’m glad you asked!

  • Data is an integral component to improving student learning and continuous school improvement
  • Data should be open and accessible for administration, teachers, students, and families
  • Data should be analyzed in ways that are inclusive to all abilities
  • Data visualizations should be utilized for exploration and story-telling

If data is open and accessible – then what about privacy?

Each school has their own privacy needs, but there’s a simple formula I usually follow:

  • You should not be able to identify an individual student or individual teacher from open data

Teachers should be able to observe their students’ data and learning teams should be able to observe teacher’s data – but outside parties do not need to see an individual teacher or student.

What should I be doing?

The most common question I get is, “what should I be doing with data?”  Here’s a brief list of some essential projects:

  • Data Leadership meetings, twice per year to review data trends
  • Gradebook calibration exercises, once per year
  • Benchmark assessment data review, once-twice per year
  • Survey analysis, 2-3 times per year
  • Internal vs External assessment validity testing; every year (or every other year) as needed
  • Assessment calibration; each teacher, each unit

Can we invite you to work with our school?

I am currently a full-time teacher.  Please contact me to see if this would be a mutually beneficial relationship that works within our schedules.


Disclaimer: The data and graphics used on this site are simulated re-creations intended to protect the privacy of the original data sources.