@visualizeyourlearning was created to answer one simple question: “how can education professionals connect with data?”  In the last decade – schools have amassed large amounts of learning data, demographic data, survey data, and more; yet turning data into actionable stories still eludes most of us.

Human brains and eyes are hard-wired to recognize patterns. Using vibrant information visualizations, educators are more able to connect with the tales that unfold from their student data.  Learning Teams are able to discover insights in graphical displays and data interactives in profound new ways.

Jordan@vyl is a math teacher, triathlete, data aficionado and life enthusiast.  He is committed to staying in the classroom, which makes him uniquely connected to learning data at the source.



Disclaimer: The data and graphics used on this site are simulated re-creations intended to protect the privacy of the original data sources.