From time to time, when I’m doing a visual exploration of data, I make a coding error.  But instead of my machine returning some random error message, I instead get an unintended visualization.

You will see this site full of these “mistakes.”  The bar graph at the bottom of my home page was originally part of a grading calibration visualization, the header with various circles came from survey results, and even the “vyl” logo was the result of a coding mishap.  My latest snafu comes from analyzing teacher gradebook data of over 200 students.

I’ve come to cherish these pieces and repurpose them.  I tweaked the result and submitted it to my school’s arts and literature publication.  Just a reminder to us all that data and art are not mutually exclusive.

Here is the result:

Data Art #3
By Jordan Benedict
While data is usually used for finding answers to research questions, through the process of visualization, data can often surprise us with its beauty. Data Art #3 was created using over 200 students’ academic data from nine different classes, coded and visualized using the R Programming language.  The undulating lines emerge out of the diverse experiences of individuals, while in the center, out of pure coincidence, a small heart was formed in the data – reminding us all that compassion is at our core.


Disclaimer: The data and graphics used on this site are simulated re-creations intended to protect the privacy of the original data sources.