The #ObserveMe movement has been going on for a couple of years, but for those of you just hearing about it, #ObserveMe is an effort usually done by an individual teacher to gain constructive feedback on their teaching from their peers.  Often, it uses a QR Code that is hung outside the classroom and leads to an editable document or form for the observer.  It’s a grassroots effort for teachers to improve their practice by opening their doors.

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I’ve tried this in several iterations, but have always run into a few complications around constructive feedback.  Some of my teammates aren’t comfortable accepting feedback while others are a little too willing to give feedback.

My solution to this comes out of my training with Thinking Collaborative’s Cognitive Coaching.  Provide objective data, a third point, that answers an area of personal growth.  Rather than an open feedback question, teachers can post data they’d like observers to collect.  Then, a skilled facilitator can lead teams (department, grade-level, etc.) through reflection activities after a semester or year of collection.

19Mar2018 - #ObserveMe Example

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You can read more about #ObserveMe on Robert Kaplinsky’s blog.
I use to create dynamic QR Codes and save them in one place.



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