Instructional coaching has been really hot lately, but for good reason.  Having a thought-partner who pushes you to increase your own capacity, is transformative.  While we are tracking student data, coaches need to keep track of how they are spreading their coaching.

Here’s a simplified protocol that you can start right now with minimal setup to track your coaching interactions:

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.49.45 PM.png

1) Use an online form, like Google Forms
You can take a phone or tablet into your coaching interactions and walk-throughs and submit a form.  Google then creates a spreadsheet on the back-end with each of your submissions.


2) Create some new tabs at the bottom to Aggregate the totals and to make a mini-Dashboard

In Google Sheets, you click the plus button to add a new tab (Note: don’t touch the “Form Responses” tab)

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.50.06 PM.png


3) On your Aggregates Tab, we will need to run a few formulas to collect the data; we want to Total certain results

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.54.26 PM.png

In Google Sheets, we’re using the COUNTIF function to tell the sheet to Count every time it sees a certain word.

Here’s the breakdown of the formula above:
=COUNTIF(‘Name of response tab
Term we are looking for

I input that formula for each of the Grade Levels I’m looking for and it will automatically update itself as I have more Coaching Conversations.  I completed similar tables and formulas for which teachers I was interacting with and which subjects I observed.


4) On your Dashboard Tab, insert Charts

As I like to do, I set up a tab of visuals.  I’ll leave a picture below of a recreated Dashboard.  But all it takes is choosing the Chart Type and highlighting the correct data range.Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.43.06 PM.png

Since the numbers will continuously update, my visualizations will continuously update and I’m left with a clear picture of where my coaching time has been spent.  It’s all too easy to get focused on the teachers who “take well” to coaching; but putting the data back in front of my face points out some opportunities I might be missing.

Extra Credit) Take it a step further with observation notes

Add in columns for Coaching “look-fors” and give that data and those visuals back to your teams!



Disclaimer: The data and graphics used on this site are simulated re-creations intended to protect the privacy of the original data sources.